Wall Desk

My Handsome Lion built me a desk.  I love it and it is such a great space saver.  Many thanks to my love.



Chill Out

Seals do this thing called thermoregulation.  If they’re too hot or cold they stick their flippers out to cool down or warm up.  It’s adorable to watch and this little guy let us get close to snap a shot.  We were able to fit in some yoga on the SUP too.   

Big Bear Bliss

Just returned from an amazing trip with the guys to Big Bear CA for the last days of winter.  Let me tell you, it was a much needed vacation.  Friday we arrived in what seemed like a set for Narnia.  So B-A-utiful!  The crisp air was welcoming and the vibe was just what the doctor ordered.  I didn’t take as many pictures as I had set out to but the few I took are great highlights of our fun.   Enjoy!