Jujube Tea

Jujube, also known as the Chinese date, are one of my favorite fruits for making a delicious tea.  I absolutely love jujube’s!  Packed with vitamins and nutrients jujube’s are beneficial to your health in many ways.  Listed below are some of its many benefits.   


  • Stress / Anxiety  reliever
  • Digestive and Cleansing aid
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Loaded with 18 important amino acids
  • Great source of energy
  • Loaded with magnesium, potassium, copper, niacin, calcium, manganese, phosphorus, and iron
  • Used for treating coughs, cold, and the flu

Just to name a few!

For my tea I chopped 6 dried jujubes, brought them to a boil in about 2-2.5 cups water, and let them simmer.   It can be boiled with ginger and cinnamon, although today I was out of both :p  Once you’ve enjoyed your tea you can boil the jujubes in another batch of water for a second serving.  


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