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Venice Pier

Spring brings a marine layer with a cool breeze.  Today, I miss the sunshine that warms me with ease. 



Kids at Heart

Yes, it is true, we will grow old and there is nothing we can do to stop that.  We can eat right, exercise, and take care of ourselves the best we can along the way.  In the end, we’ll age with time and will have to embrace and except the loss of our elasticity and fight against gravitational pull.  But!  Who’s to say we can’t keep feeling young and vibrant as we grow.  I will always give myself access to a young state of mind.  To be adventurous fills my heart with energy.  To be humorous not only makes me happy but spreads laughter to others.  To try new things keeps my mind curious and optimistic.  Live unbound as my friend Yali would say.  Release your mind, body, and soul from all anchors that hold you down.  I have been fortunate enough to meet some wonderful friends who share the same perspective, and hope to meet more along the way.   

Buddha Love

Secrets don’t make friends. Or do they?  Only when your secrets are shared with Buddha Bird, my cockatiel.  The only thing about Buddha is she loves men! So it took her a while to warm up to me but I had the pleasure of spending quality  time with my feathered friend in a little photo shoot 🙂

Buddha Bird