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Texas Grazing

Open space opens my heart.  A breezy trip to Gainesville was just what the doctor ordered.


Night Walks

Not a day goes by with out my gratitude for the beautiful place that I live in.  I take 3 walks daily with my pups and always seem to stumble upon something new.  One of my favorite routes is the Marquesas basin.  There is a boat docked near the  promenade  with an underwater light  that emanates beautiful silhouettes of the many sea creatures that reside below.  Night herons patiently sit atop the edge of the boat watching for the right moment to dive for dinner.  I feel as though I could watch for hours.  Its much like a live screen saver only 10 times better.


Highlight of 2012

Here are a few pics that highlight my 2012 journey.  Enjoy.