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Soccer Sunday

My friends and I like to play beach soccer any chance we get.  Most often we end up playing Sunday.  Its one of my favorite days to play.  No work, its the beginning of a new week, and I feel as though I have all the time in the world.  This photo sums up the evening.  I am grateful for Soccer Sunday.


One with the wind

Second time sailing, first time with “first time” sailors.  The wind had picked up by the afternoon and the waters had grown choppy.  We sailed windward a good 30 minutes or so.  As we were getting ready to turn around and head home, our friends were having trouble pulling the sails over the strong winds. We waited through trial and error and the guys finally decided that turning in the other direction, might be easier (that is, starboard). Success! Big thank you to Diego and Marc for an awesome adventure 🙂

Catalina Island

I‘ve returned from Catalina Island refreshed, rebooted, and re-vitalized.   I had such a great time with my amazing friends and great memories for the books :).  I’m already thinking of a new destination for adventure.